The advantages of the introduced Law are in minimizing the cost of depreciation and replacement of worn-out transport parts, a well-built schedule of driver routes and strengthening of the ATP staff, an increase in the average delivery distance from 100 km to 350-450 km, an increase in the morale of drivers. There is no risk factor for an accident due to possible unforeseen car breakdowns on the way, safety and security of goods over long distances.

There is also a significant improvement in strategic roads. In turn, the introduced law prevents deformation of the road surface by road transport due to overweight, as well as compliance with the thermal regime of transportation.

The company’s freight traffic by road in the current season of 2021/2022 has doubled in the direction of the ports of Ukraine in comparison with last year. Since July 2021, the company’s cars have driven over 200 thousand km.

G.R. Argo is a logistics company, an operator of a fleet of grain carriers, which provides the fastest delivery of crops from the field to the elevator and from the elevator to the sea terminal. The company’s activity was initially built on the principle of “no overload”.

Chief Operating Officer of G.R. Agro Artem Rempen says that the company’s vehicle fleet transports grain to ports without overloading – this is the position of the company’s owners. And the company is very happy with the result.

“We have a very positive result in terms of transport repairs, last season we saved about 1 million hryvnias on cars. This is essential for our small fleet of 60 cars”.