The purchase price of 1 ton of barley from the elevators of the “G.R. Agro”

Actual prices: 31.03.2023

Elevator at InguletsElevator at VilnogirskElevator at VarvarivkaElevator at RozdoryElevator at PryshybQuality specificationsQuality specifications
CommodityUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtUAH/mtMoisture,%Foreign matter,%
Feed barley-----14%2%

* The price is valid if the goods correspond to the basic indicators.

Basic indicators of the quality of barley.

Purchase prices for the main crops are indicated on condition that the product meets the basic quality indicators.

Quality indicators of barley on the elevators G.R. Agro:

  • Nature, g / l – not less than 750
  • Humidity,% – no more than 14.5
  • Weed admixture,% – no more than 2.0
  • Grain admixture,% – according to DSTU 3769-98
  • Ambrosia is not allowed.
  • Smell, color typical of healthy grains, without foreign matter.
  • Infection is not higher than the 1st degree.

What determines the price of barley

The price of barley depends on various factors: seasonality, logistics and transport specifics, costs of planting material, etc.  The cost of purchasing barley is formed by the main importing countries: China and Saudi Arabia, but also by other market players.

The purchase and sale of this crop depends on the balance of the grain market, economic and logistic processes.

An important role in the formation of prices for barley is played by the basic quality indicators that appear in the sales and purchase agreements:

What buyers are looking for

Before harvesting, buyers try to predict the most accurate volumes of barley that will be presented for sale.  When purchasing this culture, it is necessary to take into account certain economic and logistical nuances.

For example, if there is a transport inconsistency, there may be a delay in grain shipments, which will entail losses.

The main factors affecting barley prices:

• the state of the grain crops market;

• competition with processing enterprises;

• indicators of productivity;

• the level of demand for this grain.

How to sell barley most profitably

To sell barley at maximum value, “G.R. Agro” advises to follow the following principles:

1) correctly determine the time for sale;

2) analyze the prices for barley in the world market;

3) determine the region where the grain crop will be the most profitable.

“G.R. Agro” will help with all these points, offer a high price per ton of barley and comfortable conditions for cooperation.

The advantages of working with “G.R. Agro”.

  • The company’s presence in domestic and foreign markets makes it possible to form and timely update the most favorable prices for main crops for agricultural producers.
  • We provide a quick service for accreditation and the formation of a contractual base for suppliers of agricultural products.
  • Flexibility in making decisions in matters of procurement and delivery to elevators.
  • Presence in all regions of Ukraine.  Prompt negotiation of contracts and payments.
  • The presence of our own logistics park ensures prompt delivery of vehicles for loading.  As a result, the prompt provision of prepayment for the batch under the contract.
  • Loyal prices for elevator services: tariffs for acceptance, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of goods.
  • Providing the opportunity to sell goods on the elevators of the company “G.R.  Agro ”to multinational companies and processors of agricultural products.
  • We provide a full cycle of selling goods “from field to port” on the terms: EXW, FCA, CPT, DAT, DAP, FOB.
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