Grain elevator at Kotyuzhany

Fully mechanized complex

49 000 mt
with grain storage capacity
1 650 mt
daily receiving capacity
1 540 mt
daily loading capacity

Vinnitsa region,
Mohyliv-Podilskyi area, Obukhiv v.
Zaliznychna str, 12

Grain elevator at Vilnogirsk

Fully mechanized complex

29 400mt
with grain storage capacity
2 000mt
daily receiving capacity
2 700mt
daily loading capacity

Дніпропетровська обл.,
м. Вільногірськ, вул. Привокзальна 1-А

Grain elevator at Ingulets

Fully mechanized complex

40 000mt
with grain storage capacity
2 400mt
daily receiving capacity
2 700mt
daily loading capacity

51700, Дніпропетровська обл.,
Широківський район, с. Карпівка,
вул. Центральна 1-А

Grain elevator at Varvarivka

Fully mechanized complex

25 000mt
with grain storage capacity
1 200mt
daily receiving capacity
1 100mt
daily loading capacity

Дніпропетровська обл.,
Юрь'ївський район, с. Варварівка,
вул. Пристанційна, 10-Д

Grain elevator at Rozdory

Fully mechanized complex

12 000mt
with grain storage capacity
daily receiving capacity
daily loading capacity

Дніпропетровська обл., Синельниковський, с. Роздори,
вул. Залізнична, 4

Grain elevator at Prishib

Fully mechanized complex

126 480mt
with grain storage capacity
3 600mt
daily receiving capacity
daily loading capacity

Zaporizhia region,
Vasyliv district, township Prishib, street Cooperative 1.

Elevators of G.R. Agro Group

An elevator is a building for high-quality temporary storage of large batches of bulk products, and is usually used for grain. A lot depends on proper storage: from the quality of products to the final price. Only elevators can ensure the safety and protection of the product from environmental influences. Modern capacities impress with their diversity in types and classes. They are built most often of metal and concrete and are a highly mechanized granary, which is aimed not only at storage, but also at drying, cleaning, analysis and calibration of grain.

Almost all elevators in Ukraine take grain such as wheat and barley for storage. To a lesser extent, they are ready to accept corn, and about 72% – rapeseed. A small share is accounted for by harvesting sunflower and soybeans – only about half of the country’s granaries can help you with this. But this industry continues to expand and modernize its capacities every year.

What services are provided by G.R. Agro elevators

The company has six elevators, the total capacity of one-time storage in which is 307 thousand tons:

  1. Elevator in the city of Volnogorsk:

  • 29,400 mt – simultaneous storage capacity;

  • 3,600 mt – daily intake rate;

  • 3,100 mt is the daily rate of shipment.

  1. Elevator in Ingulets:

  • 52,000 mt – simultaneous storage capacity;

  • 3,600 mt – daily intake rate;

  • 4,000 mt is the daily rate of shipment.

  1. Elevator in Prishib village:

  • 126,480 mt – simultaneous storage capacity;

  • 3,600 mt – daily intake rate;

  • 3,930 mt is the daily rate of shipment.

  1. Elevator in the village of Razdory:

  • 12,000 mt – simultaneous storage capacity;

  • 800 mt – daily intake rate;

  • 750 mt – daily shipping rate.

  1. Elevator in the village of Varvarovka:

  • 38,000 mt – simultaneous storage capacity;

  • 2,800 mt – daily intake rate;

  • 1,570 mt is the daily rate of shipment.

  1. Elevator Kotyuzhany:

  • 49,000 mt – simultaneous storage capacity;

  • 1,650 mt – daily intake rate;

  • 1,540 mt is the daily rate of shipment.

The grain storage elevator system in G.R. Agro allows you to preserve the quality of the product in the best way, provides for drying grain, cleaning it, improving quality, improving the commodity condition, etc. All that is required of the farmer is to bring and pour grain.

G.R. Agro constantly modernizes and improves the capacities of its enterprises. In 2020, the company invested more than $6 million in the reconstruction of 2 elevators, thanks to which it increased grain intake by almost 2 times.

Electronic railway scales have been installed at the Volnogorsk and Inguletsky elevators for weighing wagons at the points of shipment, which increases the loading speed and eliminates additional maneuvers of trains on the territory of the enterprises’ capacities.

Characteristics of the company’s elevators

Grain can be stored in elevators for an average of six months, and modern technical equipment of enterprises allows us to guarantee the safety of raw materials. Each G.R. Agro elevator has a fully mechanized terminal, modern certified laboratories that are equipped with all the necessary equipment for evaluating and analyzing products.

In general, all elevators have a 24-hour maintenance schedule for continuous maintenance, and within the framework of the Agribusiness on Display program you will have 24/7 online access to all the necessary analytical information about your grain.

G.R. Agro monitors the development of technologies and constantly modernizes existing equipment: silos, grain dryers, norias, cleaning systems and separators. Therefore, by entrusting the storage to us, you can be sure of the best result.

The cost of elevator services and what it depends on

  • grain acceptance and storage;

  • the absence of any additional payments for the preservation of grain;

  • connection to the program “Agribusiness on display”;

  • the possibility of selling products from the warehouse of the depositors of any company that is accredited at G.R. Agro elevators.

What about another time? What does such a price tag for services depend on?

The most important point in determining the cost of elevator services is the energy consumption of its operation. That is why it is worth choosing modernized granaries that have undergone reconstruction of existing equipment. The operation of such facilities will be more profitable and productive. Grain refining services in the form of its cleaning and drying also directly depend on the amount of grain and its humidity. Drying products throughout the entire storage period is a very costly event.

Plus, pricing is important: the size of the elevator, its fullness and remoteness from the fields, which increases logistics costs, what additional services are provided, for example, laboratory analysis and quality control, pre-sale preparation of grain, etc.

Advantages of ordering services at our elevators

Our automated modern elevators with the function of drying large batches of crops guarantee the safety of the product. At your service are five elevators with a total capacity of simultaneous storage – 307 thousand tons of grain with the possibility of route shipments. The presence of its own logistics fleet can quickly solve the problem of cargo delivery by road, rail and even water transport.

An important plus in the 2021/22 season for you will also be the possibility of free storage, which has already been used by more than 100 enterprises. We hope that this will be a significant support for farmers, will help to save the necessary funds and better prepare for the next sowing season.

We at G.R. Agro understands the plasticity of the global economy and confidently keeps up with the times. Therefore, we have implemented a unique online monitoring system “Agribusiness on display”, with which the agricultural producer has the opportunity to monitor the condition of his grain 24/7. Bypassing the human factor, in the chatbot you can easily track the movements, acceptance, unloading, remnants of goods and their quality, while saving your time.

But our most important trump card is that G.R. Agro is an integrated approach to the agricultural business as a whole: storage, logistics and trading.

  • 15 years of experience in international markets;

  • purchase of grain crops from national producers from the field;

  • 5 years in the grain transport logistics market;

  • delivery of purchased products by grain carriers to large elevator complexes;

  • processing, sorting, laboratory analysis and storage of grain in modern elevators;

  • own fleet, which is updated with regular frequency;

  • mobile repair teams;

  • grain transportation by grain carriers to river and railway terminals;

  • delivery of raw materials to the manufacturer;

  • analysis of world markets and grain sales;

  • vehicle monitoring using GPS monitoring;

Over the period of many years of existence, G.R. Agro has acquired reliable partners and a reputation as an experienced assistant to the farmer, regardless of size and status.