The company “G.R. Agro” has more than five years of experience in the market of transport and logistics services. One of the main activities of the company is the transportation of grain of any type by road. The company has its own logistics center with 60 grain trucks.  Thanks to what operative transportation of grain is provided.

We are always ready to provide fast delivery of transport in combination with the maximum reliability of delivery.

The material base of the company is formed according to modern standards and includes:

  • 30 Renault and Ford tractors, equipped with Bodex, Zaslaw and Schmitz dump trucks for transportation of agricultural products, with a volume of 50-55 cubic meters;
  • 30 coupling cars Volvo, DAF, MAN with a body volume with a trailer of 65-84 cubic meters;
  • Control over vehicles is carried out using GPS monitoring (installed on each machine with the ability to provide access to the customer during transportation);
  • Workshops for maintenance of trucks are organized on the elevators of the company “G.R. Agro”;
  • There are constantly on-site repair crews, which makes it possible to minimize downtime for technical reasons.

The company’s partners are all participants in the grain market: from producers to multinational corporations.

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