Energetic crisis – how the hard times of the silt are going through

Prices on the energy market are already sub-captured – gas flew to space, the price of electricity increased twice. As well as the silo market of the country, so the grain processors continue to work. The elevators are also held at the factories. About those, how the enterprises are working, how the increase in prices for energy was imagined on their robot, which may work for us far away – we were told by the representatives of the elevator and borosnomelny market and the workers of the elevator control.

About those how to pass the current difficult season of the Ukrainian silos, we were told by the operating director G.R. Agro Artem Rempen for journalists Elevatorist.com

Elevatorny market: whether the alternative is a priority


About those, how to pass the current difficult season of the Ukrainian silos, we were told by the operational director G.R. Agro Artem Rempen. The group has 5 good grain groves, so you know the situation with energy prices there better. At once, for its subsidiaries, the company purchases gas at 52-58 thousand. UAH per 1,000 cubic meters, in the fallow, in the price of a regional postal worker. I in the company are already satisfied that the main mass of the contracted grain was overtaken by the dry season of autumn, if the gas is still at 36-38 thousand. UAH

“Honestly, it seems that both we and the farmers were lucky that gas prices “flyed into space” after the end of the harvest. We caught the dry grain. At the same time, practically, we can’t save gas – on all the grain elevators we can’t spend more than a thousand cubic meters: blowing grain, starting up the taxation … And the axis for those who haven’t been able to dry it out, the situation is more vague. At the same time, the tariff is close to 300-350 UAH per ton-percentage, and you can see what drying will cost, as the water content of corn is 20-22,” says Artem Rempen.

In the current season, the managers of the Group’s purchasers have been aggravated by the situation, if the farmers were storing grain for storage. The first samples of corn were taken from warehouses to New Saints, the yield was decent. And the rate of packed grain in such batches is already close to 11-13% with a moisture content of 19%. Such parties can be sold only for remanufacturing, and then with a great discount.

цена на газ


Prices for electricity also do not stand on the spot – for the rest of the month, the increase was 15%. The season started with a price of 3.8 UAH per kW, at the same time, the price was already 6 UAH. Artem Rempen, it seems that for the elevators such a promotion is still not catastrophic. Navpaki, the electrician is all the same, in line with gas, it is still left to provide a viable form of alternative for robotic elevators – electric boilers are quite inexpensive. Vykoristovuvat such boilers vdvіchі vigіdnіshe, to that in G.R. Agro can namіr install them for scorching of all applications.

“Wide to achieve significant savings. At basic tariffs – more, lower 2 times. Gas scorching will cost here close to 200 yew. UAH for a skin elevator, and electric – 80 yew. UAH Before that, electric boilers are inexpensive, the stench pays off in two months, ”adrahovu Artem Rempen.

Electricity can be built as an alternative for drying grain – such a butt Artem Rempen bachiv at the German elevator. Economical German colleagues installed 2 windmills, one service plant, and the other – a large industrial grain dryer boiler.

“Antifreeze is poured into the heat exchanger, like in automatics, circulating around the circuit. Behind the heat exchanger, a ventilation fan is installed, which picks up hotter air. I’ve been more than happy, if I’ve been talking, ”says a specialist.

It is quite remarkable that such methods of drying grain will soon appear in Ukraine. In the meantime, we still have boilers on straw and other grain outputs.



As in this season, most of the elevators slipped through the drying and brought the grain to the condition even before the gas prices were left behind, then the coming season may not give such a thing. In G.R. Agro is getting ready for the new season more and more, everyone understands that the supercycle on the market of the power industry is the power of more than one fate. And the volatility on the market is not only surplus, but to make yourself feel like at home. Therefore, in the company, they look at the transition to an alternative, with the improvement of the current vistas.

“We have already changed the scorch systems on our elevators, switched to a robot with solid-fire and electric boilers. Drying grains – we also plan to grow yoga as much as possible on an alternative paliva. But it is also necessary to complete the grain dryers in such a way that it would be possible to turn to the gas, which is the cheapest. For nothing can be safer, I will improve the quality of drying, and the gas,” says Artem Rempen.

Residual choice according to the method of re-drying dryers in G.R. Agro to crush in the next hour. Firmly possessed this month, it would have been a viable one, but today it has already been seen in terms of varost with other types of alternatives. Until then, even a kerіvnik, such possession will cost more dearly, yogo exploitation will also require vitrat.