Continuing to grow G.R. Agro is also increasing its contribution to the development of the communities in which the company’s enterprises are present, as well as Ukraine as a whole.

Thus, in today’s reality, not all companies conduct transparent business, but at present, in our opinion, it is impossible to simply take and not fulfill their responsibilities. In proof of our words, we want to open the amount of taxes paid for 2021 from G.R. Agro:

  • to local budgets from G.R. Agro transferred UAH 15,923,211.89.
  • to the national budget with taxes G.R. Agro was transferred UAH 17,352,109.26.

A total of UAH 33,275,321.14 of taxes was transferred to the budgets of all levels in 2021. Our contribution to the budget is the pride of our group of companies and we sincerely believe that every large company shares our opinion, takes steps in the same direction with us and thanks to this our the country will be even more defensive, stable, prosperous and economically developed every day.