As of July 26, 2021, at the elevators of the G.R. Agro has procured more than 65 thousand tons of grain in the new season 2021/2022.

 Main crops: barley (winter and fermented), wheat, rapeseed, peas.

 The leaders are Inguletsky and Prishibsky elevators.

 The start of the procurement company began on 25.06.2021 MG 2021/2022.

 Representatives of elevators note a decrease in the share of food wheat and an increase in the share of feed wheat in the volume of incoming grain after recent precipitation in Ukraine, incl.  Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

 How the quality indicators of incoming grain to elevators have changed after the second decade of July will be told by the head.  laboratory of Prishibsky elevator of G.R. Agro Hypot Love.

 “Before the rains, from the beginning of the season, the quality of wheat was basic according to GOST.  After an abundance of precipitation, the grain darkened and became not standard (not class).  Dark grains exceeded the maximum allowable values ​​for both food and feed wheat.  More than 30% are infected.  The first lots of wheat this year were good.  “Carboniferous grains” up to 3%, and then more than 8-13% went.  The percentage of sprouted grain has also increased from 4% to 8% ”.

 The main average indicators of the quality of wheat batches in the period from 19-23.07.2021

  • Class: 4
  • Natural weight – 740 g / dm3
  • Humidity – 14%
  • Weed admixture – 2%
  • Grain admixture – 8.46%
  • Sprouted grain – 8.46%
  • Protein – 11.8%
  • Gluten – 18.2%
  • Carboniferous grains – 7.4%

 The enterprises note that the quality of wheat in terms of individual indicators of protein and gluten corresponds to the previous year, but due to an increase in the indicator of sprouted and darkened grains, batches are accepted as 4th class or not standard.

 As for the first batches of spring barley, the natural weight indicators are also in the region of 583-597g / dm3, the grain is recommended for the 3rd class.Ь