At the elevators of the GC “G.R. Agro” at the start of the harvesting season 2021/2022, an online tool for communication with customers-a chatbot – was introduced for Ukrainian farmers.

Within the framework of the “Agribusiness on Display” program, more than 200 users, namely customers, were able to evaluate the advantages of the online notification system through messengers. This program is part of the general loyalty program for agricultural producers, “Free storage”. As of September 10, more than 200 agreements on free storage of crops in elevators for the entire MY were signed in the elevator network.

Artem Rempen, Operating Director of G.R. Agro, told what real benefits chatbots can bring to agribusiness.

The agricultural market, at least in our region, can be called conservative: players like to communicate, bargain and negotiate over the phone, this is a special ritual. Only with real examples in action, we were able to show that the agribusiness of the future, which wants to be successful and effective, is very dependent on technologies for information management. It is very important to improve the program, our clients help us. We are open to suggestions and initiatives from partners and customers. The main task is the versatility and effectiveness of online tools within the overall digital transformation strategy.

The advantages of implementing this program for elevator customers, first, are:

  • The absence of a human factor, in particular, errors when submitting information, since everything is transmitted from accounting systems automatically.
  • The reaction speeds. Instant chatbots send information depending on the client’s request.
  • Simplicity. A chatbot is a dialogue, it is something that everyone understands.
  • Communication with the client 24 hours a day.
  • Saving time on the exchange of information. Physical calls and, as a result, loss of time in the course of obtaining operational information for decision-making are excluded.
  • Monitoring of the quality and quantity of imported grain to the elevators without physical contact with the elevator.