«If you want to live a happy life, you have to be tied to a goal, not to people or things»

Albert Einstein


     The end and beginning of the year for business can undoubtedly be called the season of strategic sessions. This is one of the most effective formats of the management team: it helps to quickly analyze any problems, formulate current tasks, goals and develop an optimal strategy for action, as well as involve management in the transformation process.

     In January, the team of G.R. Agro held a three-day strategic session. This is our first experience and practice, which we will make annually.

     The goal is to develop a strategy for the next year, identify tactical issues and assess resources for their implementation.

     2020 was a year of structural changes and major transformations for G.R. Agro Group. This is not only a change in business processes, but also a change in the relationship between the people in our team.

     We built and put into operation a river terminal; increased the capacity of simultaneous storage of elevator complexes by 80%, as well as the fleet of own trucks more than twice; elevator capacity utilization increased by 73%, grain sales – by 53%.

     Since December 2020, G.R. Agro has been a member of the European Business Association.

     Our plans for 2021: to increase the storage capacity of elevator complexes by 50–80%, to maintain the same sales growth rate, to expand the territory of G.R. Agro’s presence in three regions of Ukraine, to double the fleet… We will not list all our ambitious plans, and we will surprise you better with results and victories!