Recently, the role of inland water transport in the logistics chains of the company’s supply of domestic agricultural products to customers has been growing.
In connection with the change of conditions and tariffs by UZ, the company G.R. In the current season of 2021/2022, Agro was forced to reorient the logistics chains of grain supplies in the direction of ports to road and water transport.
The volume of grain transportation by G.R. Agro inland waterway transport increased by 50% compared to last year.
In November, it was transported, loaded and shipped from the company’s elevators to river-sea vessels through the G.R. Agro and alternative river terminals in the Dnieper in the amount of 15 thousand tons
In the future, this figure will only grow, primarily due to the economic advantages of water transport, low transportation costs and the expected increase in demand for these services.

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