The desire for leadership in the field of agribusiness is an indisputable indicator of high quality service and priority of customer interests. These principles formed the basis of the philosophy of «G.R. Agro» Group in 2020-2021.

Strict adherence to the chosen strategy, continuous improvement of processes of interaction with partners and customers, car maintenance, expansion of fleet, modernization of facilities and infrastructure of elevators, expansion of services and provision of additional services allowed to determine the company’s results in the first half of 2021.

The main innovations in the coming season will be the programs “Agribusiness on display” and “Free storage for the entire marketing year” within the 1st stage of the implementation of the SAP Business One platform on the basis of their enterprises.

First of all, our company remembers the main task – technology – they should simplify the way for our customers and partners to achieve results, not complicate it.

The quality of interaction with the client is a key competitive advantage for the company, and today it is often the technology that determines the degree of efficiency of work with clients. If your technology fails the customer, you risk losing it forever. The business must be based on holistic solutions that allow us to provide our customer with a comprehensive service at any stage of work with the company.


The main advantages for the company’s customers under the new strategy will be:

  • Free storage system – acceptance and storage of goods on the elevators of «G.R. Agro», the absence of additional payments under the terms of storage of goods, the possibility of selling from the warehouse of the goods to the bailors of any company accredited in the elevators of «G.R. Agro ».
  • Connection to the module “Agribusiness on display” – tracking of all stages of interactions of elevators with bailors within the framework of the contract of storage of production in the online mode.
  • Launch of an online platform “Purchase Price Exchange”.