Launching an elevator with workers without experience, engineering tasks in a dream, weather superstitions – elevatorists G.R. Agro about work.

You can buy modern equipment for the elevator, you can automate it to the smallest detail. But a well-coordinated mechanism won’t work well without someone who knows how, when, and why to push buttons. People are the most important resource in the elevator sector. As one of our heroes said, there is work for everyone at the elevator: for techies, economists, managers, and in general for people who want to work and grow. All of them bring to work not only professional knowledge, but also their habits, some unique ways of solving problems and, in general, a view of the world. On the eve of November 21 – the Day of Agricultural Workers, we decided to find out how employees in different regions of Ukraine look at the elevator world of our enterprises.

Laboratory assistant of “Prishibsky elevator” GC G.R. Agro – Elena Valueva


Has been working in the laboratory since 1991, as a member of G.R. Agro – last 2 years.

What are the hardest and easiest days at work?

We have a season all year round. This year, the beginning of the season was delayed due to weather conditions, and accordingly, the procurement was also delayed. Therefore, we are on a busy non-stop schedule.

What culture do you like working with the most?

With sunflower. For 10 years we have been with him from A to Z. We love the sunflower most of all, there is a general sympathy of the collective for this culture.

Complete the opinion: “To work successfully at the elevator, you have to be …”

We have good, modern equipment for sampling and for high-quality analysis. The entire team has specialized education. The main thing is work experience, practice. One glance at the grain is enough to add up the basic quality characteristics. And also our well-coordinated team. One for all and all for one.


Head of the laboratory of the “Volnogorsk elevator” GC G.R. Agro – Natalia Khalepa


Since 2008 he has been working as the head of the laboratory at G.R. Agro – since 2016.

What do you consider to be a personal victory in the work of an elevator?

We are all ideological inspirers. We work as a team and we inspire each other. My experience is an achievement – I know everything by definition of grain quality.

Are there any special signs in the team related to work?

Whenever it starts to rain, we have a shipment on that day.

What culture do you enjoy working with the most?

Easier and easier to work with barley and rapeseed. It is more difficult with wheat, because there are 22 indicators, it is necessary to determine the class, and it takes a long time.


Chief Accountant of the Volnogorsk Elevator G.R. Agro – Tatiana Samoylenko


Has been working at the elevator for 15 years.

What do you like most about your job?

I really like the work itself. I was the author of Form No. 36 for grain, and I realized that it was mine. Not routine, you have to be constantly in good shape, conduct, count, help a person, if it is not clear how the registers are counted, the amount of grain is imported. Therefore, I got into my stream, so to speak!

What do you consider to be your personal victory in work?

For many years of work at the elevator, I have not had conflicts with clients. I try to explain so that the client understands all the nuances.

Finish the thought: “To work successfully at the elevator, you need to …”

You need to learn how to do this, especially with accounting documents. You need to read a lot of instructions, engage in self-study, since the legislation is constantly changing. You can’t walk on the knurled path, you constantly need to study something.


Foreman of the production site of the “Prishibsky elevator”G.R. Agro – Oksana Panchenko



What do you like most about your job?
Probably the work itself is my calling..

What are the easiest and most difficult days at the elevator?

When the work is done, all the days are loaded. Sometimes we work 24/7. The most important thing is to find a common language with your team. If they understand me, we overcome any difficulties.

Do you often dream about work?

Yes, I dream, for example, how we load the pastures. You go to bed and think about work, how to make all the processes better.


Director of the “Volnogorsk elevator” G.R. Agro – Alexander Krat

Director of the "Volnogorsk elevator" G.R. Agro

Has been working at the elevator since 1991 – exactly 30 years. He worked his way up from the bottom to the very top: he was a foreman, a production manager, a chief engineer, now he is in charge of an elevator.

What do you consider to be a personal victory in the work of the enterprise?

I cannot give such an assessment to myself. The enterprise works, performs its direct functions. This cannot be purely my merit, it is the merit of absolutely all employees in all areas of the enterprise. It is also worth noting that the guys come young. The task is to introduce them into the working channel, adjust them to the working rhythm – this is the merit of experienced employees who take on the function of mentoring. Each line manager in his area should be a leader with a capital letter.

Are there any omens associated with the workflow?

As soon as it rains, there are always twice as many customers, more grain volumes. And I understand why. Everyone is watching the weather forecast, and we understand that on the eve of rain we will have a peak of work.

What were some interesting situations at work?

One of the comic situations is connected precisely with the training stage for new employees. Our enterprise occupies 5 hectares of land. And when the trainee receives an assignment from the head of the series “go to warehouse # 7 in the lower gallery,” he pretends to understand everything. And after an hour and a half he comes to say that he has not found the 7th warehouse. People are simply lost over a large area.

Finish the thought: “To work successfully at the elevator, you need to …”

You need to keep your finger on the pulse of the time. Because the world is developing, technologies are developing, new equipment appears – you need to keep up with the times. Further – health, psychological balance, and everything will turn out and work out. Everything will be fine!