Within the framework of the annual international conference Grain Ukraine 2021 experts built predictive models of the grain market for the next few years. In their opinion, the main feature of the current life of the world grain market is volatility. This volatility is not going anywhere and will remain in trend in the new grain season.
One of the conference attendees, Chief Operating Officer G.R. Agro Artem Rempen gave his forecast for the harvest market:

“We expect that prices will be high, demand is good, harvest is almost a record – everything should be fine. True, no one understands what the price rally will be: will it be unpredictable, like last year, or everything will be stable-harvesting will begin, prices will begin to decline, but will not fall low. I think that the new season will be better than the previous one, at least in those regions where our company operates. As for late crops, however, it is too early to judge – corn and sunflower are still small, sowing was late and the growing season is slightly behind. But for now the weather is on the side of the manufacturer, and so are the prices. Our elevators are ready for the new season, we have modernized the auto-receptions and weighing systems, and installed automatic samplers. Four out of five elevators can receive more than 3000 tons per day. And we have free storage for the entire period. Therefore, I hope that if there are queues, they will be fast”.

Brief theses of expert assessments.

As you can see, the market is rather positive about the new season. Although the experience of the past marketing year is felt very much – everyone has become extremely careful in forecasting and prefer to constantly keep their finger on the pulse of events. Grain growers have become much more flexible in making decisions and have perfected their readiness for any turn in international markets. Therefore, whether with volatility or without volatility, Ukrainian harvests will take their share of the world grain market.

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