We actively participate in events in the market of services for the reception, processing and storage of grain. Specialists of G.R. Agro constantly monitor the factors that affect the efficiency of enterprises taking into account these processes.

   Every day our team analyzes the market and the state of infrastructure, searches for ideas for modernization and improvement of enterprises that are part of the group G.R. Agro.

   The active phase of modernization of the Vilnohirsk elevator is currently underway. A specially designed improvement project will allow us to expand our capabilities, namely:

1. A new unloading point for grain trucks with a platform length of 21 m with a maximum load of 80 tons – model U-ARG-2110, production «ElevatorPromService» – combined with a backfill pit with a volume of 85 cubic meters and transport equipment at a speed of 175 t/h.

2. Updated grain cleaning unit, which combines 2 separators BSH-100, which can work simultaneously in parallel or in series, which significantly expands the technological capabilities of the enterprise.

3. The new point of shipment for W/D transport in combination with new grain transport routes and own shunting locomotive allow guaranteed shipment of route consignments without the use of small mechanization equipment.