Where to find qualified personnel? How and where to improve the skills of employees? We are sure that you are also concerned about these issues. That is why on March 3, 2020, representatives of our team G.R. Agro attended the first meeting of the club «Elevatorist», which in the format of an open discussion discussed these issues. Representatives of the university helped us to understand this.

    We discussed in detail what kind of personnel modern enterprises need: universal workers who know every aspect, or specialized specialists? How to teach them? Where to practice? What topics to choose for research? After all, we are ready for dialogue and cooperation!

    Many questions have been asked, but they can be solved through speeches by representatives of enterprises, discussion of details and current trends, non-standard solutions and the latest approaches, strategies, etc. We have a clear idea in which direction to move forward.

    At the end of the meeting it was agreed to continue relations between universities and interns in the field of personnel. Subsequently, fruitful cooperation of employers with universities is planned, namely assistance to students in the internship in our team.