Quality is one word – but it has such an essential meaning! Therefore, today we want to tell you about the quality of grain and those who determine them in the elevators of G.R. Agro.

    Our company understands the importance of the process of establishing the quality of grain, so it has a comprehensive approach to research (organoleptic, instrumental, experimental and weight) and qualified staff.

    All laboratories in our elevators are fully equipped with all necessary equipment, namely moisture meters, analyzers (infrascan and spectra), samplers, laboratory mills, drying cabinets and all regulatory documentation for a complete set of grain analysis with maximum accuracy in the shortest possible time. 

    All laboratories of elevators of G.R. Agro are certified DNIPROAGROSTANDARTMETROLOGY and have valid certificates for the whole complex of research of crops such as wheat, barley, rape, peas, soybeans, sunflowers and corn.

    The heart of our laboratory, of course, is the staff. Laboratories at all elevators of G.R. Agro is staffed with professional staff to ensure uninterrupted round-the-clock operation.