The Association was founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission in Ukraine. Since then, the organization has grown to become the most influential and numerous business association in Ukraine.

The Association works to give its companies the opportunity to jointly solve issues important for the investment climate of Ukraine and improve it for the benefit of industry, society, economy and the country as a whole.

We celebrated the anniversary within the framework of the EBA Connect in Dnipro: Business Networking Meeting, which was held at the office of G.R. Agro (Dnipro) – 30.09.2021.

The purpose of the meeting at the EBA Connect in Dnipro event is to get acquainted, exchange news and projects of the Association, which are planned for the autumn business season, to establish and expand business ties.

Among the guests were companies from the insurance sector (PZU), the banking segment (PrivatBank), tourism, entertainment (Planet Cinema), as well as consulting in the field of conflict resolution (Leonova Consulting, Peace Engineer).

The main achievement is the entry of the Operating Director Rempen A. into the Coordination Council of the Regional Representative Office (EBA Dnipro Office). This position is elected by voting of all companies in the region, members of the Association for a period of 1 year. The composition of the council determines the direction of the representative office (office) for the year.

The diploma of the Associate Member of EBA was solemnly presented by Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk, the Head of the Dnipro office to the Commercial Director of G.R. Agro – Suh Dmitry.
As a member of the Association, the Company has access to open committees – platforms for identifying common issues and discussing proposals for effective cooperation between business and government.

The next joint event with EBA is scheduled for 8.10.2021 within the framework of EBA Dnipro Best Business Practices: Renovation of an elevator with a 100 – year history (Inguletsky elevator G.R. Agro).