More than 100 thousand tons of early grain and rapeseed were received at the elevators of the G.R. Agro ” from the beginning of the new season 2021/22 as part of the“ Free storage for agricultural producers ” program. This program is available for farmers in Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions as part of the company’s innovations introduced in the new season.

Since the beginning of the procurement campaign (June 25, 2021), Ingulets and Prishib elevators have been the leaders in terms of grain received.

It was noted earlier that the first barley grain harvests were not of high quality in terms of quality. Wheat at the beginning of the harvesting campaign went with the basic indicators of the 3rd class according to DSTU. Then the July rains made their adjustments towards a decrease in quality, an increase in weediness, sprouted grain and the proportion of soot grain. What led to the reception of grain at the elevators of the 4th class or not.

Today, in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The harvesting campaign continues. Farmers have already harvested almost 75% of early crops from the fields. The process of harvesting grain for elevators has slightly decreased due to the end of the main harvesting company in the region.

All depositors are connected to the Agribusiness on Display service – the second innovative product launched in the new season – tracking all stages of the interaction of elevators with goods in the format of online notifications.

New programs of  «G.R. Agro» have already shown their effectiveness in the new season, which automatically requires further improvement of our services for clients – the head of the elevator facilities of the G.R. Agro – Opryshko O.V.