Food wheat


Market trends 

     According to the results of the previous period (from Thursday, April 23), the food wheat market was mostly dominated by declining price trends, which was primarily due to lower prices on the stock markets. Low supply of grain and moderate demand for it reduces the activity of trade and procurement.

   Purchase prices of processing enterprises remained mainly in the previously formed ranges, given that enterprises were interested in stable supplies of grain food quality. At the same time, some buyers reported a decrease in the maximum marks of purchase prices by an average of 50 UAH/ton. Thus, prices taking into account the cost of delivery are in the range of 5700–6450 UAH/ton. Procurement is most often carried out at maximum and close to them prices.

     Maximum purchase currency prices in ports decreased. That is, the price range in deep-water ports is in the range of 201–208 USD/ton, CPT port.

     The range of hryvnia prices based on the supply of CPT port decreased by an average of 50–100 UAH/ton and amounts to 6400–6600 UAH/ton, CPT port. Maximum prices are typical, as a rule, for deep-water ports.           



  • The price situation will continue to depend on price trends in stock markets, which are declining at this stage.
  • Expectations of the new harvest will reduce the interest of importers in purchasing grain from the old harvest, which will help reduce prices.


Fodder wheat


Market trends 

     Downward price trends continue to prevail in the feed wheat market, which is largely due to lower prices in the food grain market.

     Processing companies have reduced maximum purchase prices by an average of 50 UAH/ton since last Thursday, and today demand prices do not exceed 6250 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery.

     Currency prices in ports decreased by an average of 2 USD/ton, while the purchasing range is in the range of 195–201 USD/ton, CPT port. Some individual companies declare prices up to 204 USD/ton.

     The range of hryvnia prices decreased under the influence of the market by an average of 50–100 UAH/ton, CPT port, and is voiced in the range of 6200–6450 UAH/ton.          



  • Despite the limited supply of grain, demand prices will decline, taking into account trends in the foreign and domestic markets, respectively.


Fodder barley


Market trends 

     The fodder barley market maintained a relatively stable price situation. Demand prices were mostly declarative.

     Processing enterprises, which for the most part formed the required volumes of raw materials, announced demand prices within the previously specified limits – 4100–5000 UAH/ton, CPT enterprise.

     Currency and hryvnia prices in ports on the terms of delivery of the CPT port are also at the previous levels: 160–162 USD/ton and not more than 5200 UAH/ton, respectively.



  • Trade and procurement activity will remain low. 


  Fodder corn


Market trends    

     The decrease in corn prices on the stock markets, as well as the increase in the number of its offers, contributed, on the one hand, to the declining price trends in the Ukrainian corn market. At the same time, a limited number of proposals contributed to maintaining the purchase prices of processing enterprises at previous levels.

     Thus, the range of demand prices voiced by processors remains in the range of 4400–5200 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery.

     Currency prices are announced no higher than 164–166 USD/ton, CPT port.

     Hryvnia prices decreased by 50–100 UAH/ton and are announced in the range of 5000–5300 UAH/ton, CPT port.



  • Downward price trends will continue in the feed corn market.