Food wheat


Market trends

     From Tuesday, the market continued to rise in foreign exchange prices due to trends in the world market. Hryvnia prices of processing enterprises and exporters also strengthened. Additional price support was provided by the situation on the national currency market, as well as a limited number of grain offers.

     Prices of food wheat processors on Tuesday increased by an average of 100–200 UAH/t and amounted to 5100–5850 UAH/t. As before, the maximum prices were announced by enterprises in the southern regions.

     On the basis of CPT port deliveries, as a rule, prices have increased by an average of 50–200 UAH/t since Tuesday. Today hryvnia demand prices reach 6300 UAH/t, CPT port.

     Currency prices in ports are in the range of 180–194 USD/t depending on the port of purchase.



  • Given the low supply of food wheat, demand prices will continue to rise.


Fodder wheat


Market trends

     Offers of feed wheat continue to enter the market in limited quantities, which encourages buyers to raise prices. So, since Tuesday, prices have risen by an average of 100 UAH/t. Processing companies were still forced to raise prices to increase procurement. Prices for feed wheat for the reporting period increased by an average of 100 UAH/t. Demand today reaches 5750 UAH/t.

     Hryvnia prices in ports increased on average by 100–150 UAH/t and amounted to 5750–6150 UAH/t. Currency prices for grain have risen by an average of 3 USD/t and are in the range of 175–187 USD/t (CPT port).



  • Limited supply and high demand will further strengthen prices.


Fodder barley 


Market trends

     In general, the previously formed trends in the feed barley market persisted. The number of grain offers remains limited. At the same time, moderate demand restrains a significant increase in prices. Single companies increased demand prices by an average of 50 UAH per ton.

     The demand price range of processing enterprises does not exceed 4800 UAH/t CPT.

     In ports, demand prices are in the range of 4800–5200 UAH/t. Currency prices in ports still do not exceed 160 USD/t (CPT port).



  • In the future, grain prices will tend to increase slightly.


Fodder corn 


Market trends

     Growing demand for feed corn on the world market is contributing to higher prices for Ukrainian grain. Thus, since Tuesday, the demand prices of processing enterprises have increased by an average of 50 UAH/t, export companies – by an average of 100 UAH/t.

     Depending on the region, processing companies announce demand prices in the range of 4150–5050 UAH/t. However, the number of proposals remains limited. 

     Hryvnia prices in ports are in the range of 4800–5350 UAH/t depending on the port.

     Demand prices in ports have increased by 1–2 USD/t since Tuesday and in some cases reach 163–165 USD/t.



  • Low supply and high demand from importers will continue to support prices.