Food wheat


Market trends 

     Activity in the market of the old harvest remained minimal, while prices in most cases decreased by an average of 50–100 UAH/ton. Exceptions were individual processors who needed to replenish grain stocks and announced maximum prices – 5950–6200 UAH/ton depending on the region.

     The market of food wheat of the new harvest was characterized mainly by declining price directions, which was due to the corresponding trends in the stock markets.

     Foreign exchange prices for grain in deep-sea ports were voiced in the range of 180–187 USD/ton, CPT port, which is on average 2 USD/ton lower than last Thursday. Hryvnia prices in deep-water ports were not significantly adjusted and sounded no higher than 5800 UAH/ton, CPT port.



  • Downward price trends in the foreign market, as well as the arrival of consignments of grain harvest in 2020 will affect prices accordingly.


Fodder wheat


Market trends 

     The feed wheat market is characterized by declining price trends, due to the relevant trends in the food grain market.

     Foreign exchange demand prices for grain in deep-sea ports were in the range of 169–175 USD/ton, CPT port, which shows a decrease from last Thursday by an average of 5 USD/ton.

     The range of hryvnia prices in small ports decreased by an average of 100 UAH/ton and by the end of the day is in the range of 5300–5550 UAH/ton, CPT port.



  • Prerequisites for price growth in the short term are not observed.
  • Increasing the supply of grain for the new harvest will affect prices.


Fodder barley


Market trends 

     Activity in the 2019 harvest market has significantly decreased since last Thursday. Buyer prices decreased on average by 100–200 UAH/ton and were voiced no higher than 5050 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise. The main part of processing enterprises plan to resume active purchasing activity with the arrival on the market of grain harvest proposals in 2020.

     Hryvnia prices for the new harvest in small ports are announced in the range of 4850–5000 UAH/ton and up to 5300 UAH/ton, CPT port (deep water).



  • The entry of a new crop of grain into the market will help reduce prices.


 Fodder corn


Market trends 

     The corn market has remained relatively stable since last Thursday. Prices of processing enterprises continue to be announced in the range of 4750–5350 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise.

     Currency prices for the new harvest in deep-water ports are announced in the range of 147–150 USD/ton, CPT port. Hryvnia – 4800–5100 UAH/ton, CPT port (deep-water).

     In small ports, the range of currency prices for the day does not exceed 146 USD/ton for the grain harvest in 2020, CPT port. Hryvnia prices in small ports are in the range of 4600–4700 UAH/ton, CPT port.    



  • Stock markets are showing a decline, which in the short term may have a corresponding impact on the Ukrainian market.