Food wheat


Market trends 

     According to the results of the current day on the stock markets there is a decrease in demand for food wheat. At the same time, high demand for grain against the background of low supply prevents a sharp decline in prices and continues to maintain them at a fairly high level.

     Processing companies, despite the low number of grain offers, preferred not to raise prices, and in some cases even reduced their maximum marks. Thus, today the demand prices on the terms of delivery of CPT-enterprise are announced not higher than 6500 UAH/ton, the maximum marks have decreased by an average of 50–100 UAH/ton.

     Currency prices in ports under the influence of relevant trends in the foreign market decreased by 1–2 USD/ton, CPT port, and amounted to 200–207 USD/ton.

     Hryvnia prices for food wheat in ports decreased on average by 50–100 UAH/ton, which was greatly facilitated by the currency factor, and are in the range of 6450–6600 UAH/ton, CPT port.



  • Factors influencing the development of price dynamics are quite ambiguous. The oil market, which for a certain period shows downward trends, has a corresponding effect on commodity markets. On the other hand, unfavorable weather conditions (Ukraine, Russia, EU countries) contribute to the strengthening of wheat prices for the new harvest.


 Fodder wheat


Market trends           

     In the feed wheat market there is a decrease in foreign exchange demand prices.

     Most processing enterprises did not review the purchase prices for feed wheat and announced them not higher than 6300 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise.

     The maximum marks of foreign exchange demand prices decreased by an average of 2 USD/ton, while the operating range for the day is 196–204 USD/ton, CPT port.

     Price trends for grain in ports in hryvnia equivalent do not have a clear direction. As a rule, the number of grain offers, the need for procurement and currency factors were decisive in the formation of price levels. Thus, traders declared purchases at prices in the range of 6200–6500 UAH/ton (CPT port).



  • The development of the price situation in the feed wheat market will be determined depending on price trends in the food wheat market (it is very likely that we can talk about adjusting prices downwards).


Fodder barley


Market trends

     In general, the feed barley market can be described as the most stable in terms of price.

     The processing sector reported sufficient grain stocks, which kept demand prices in the previously formed ranges – 4100–5000 UAH/ton depending on the region.

     Currency demand prices continued to be voiced in the range of 160–162 USD/ton (CPT port).

     Hryvnia prices in ports also remained relatively stable and ranged from 4900 to 5150 UAH per ton.



  • Moderate demand and low supply of grain will be maintained. However, some reduction in the maximum prices is not excluded, given the availability of the necessary stocks of grain, both export-oriented companies and processing companies. 


  Fodder corn


Market trends    

     In the feed corn market, prices continued to decline. At the same time, the number of offers of corn, including large consignments, remained low.

     From Tuesday, April 21, the demand prices of processors decreased by 150–200 UAH/ton (CPT enterprise). Under the influence of world trends, currency prices for Ukrainian grain declined. During the reporting period, the decrease averaged 2 USD/ton, CPT port. According to today’s results, the range of demand prices in deep-water ports is 160–168 USD/ton.

     Hryvnia prices in ports decreased by 50–150 UAH/ton and do not exceed 5500 UAH/ton, CPT port (deep-water ports), and 5350–5400 UAH/ton, Mykolaiv.



  • Downward price trends will dominate the feed corn market.