Food wheat


Market trends 

     The market for food wheat remains in high demand, which helps to keep prices at fairly high levels, and in some cases even increase.

     The small number of grain offers against the background of fierce competition from buyers encourages processing companies to revise prices in the direction of increase. Thus, since last Thursday, demand prices have increased by an average of 100 UAH/ton and are in the range of 5700–6600 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise.

     Demand from export-oriented companies remains quite high, while demand prices are relatively stable and do not exceed 210 USD/ton, CPT port.

     Hryvnia prices in ports have risen by an average of 50 UAH per ton since last Thursday. The range of demand prices on the terms of delivery CPT-port today is 6500–6600 UAH/ton depending on the port.



  • High demand for grain from importers, as well as weather risks that affect the new harvest, will help maintain upward price trends.


 Fodder wheat


Market trends           

     The upward price trends observed in the stock markets of feed corn continue to influence price formation. In addition, the limited number of grain offers against the background of stable demand accordingly affect the pricing policy in the feed wheat market.

     Livestock enterprises in the need to form stocks of raw materials are forced to raise demand prices. So, since last Thursday the prices of buyers have increased on the average by 50 UAH/ton and today the range of purchase prices makes 5400–6300 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise.

     Currency demand prices, despite stable demand and rising prices in the foreign market, increased slightly – by 1 USD/ton (from Thursday, April 16) – and do not currently exceed 207 USD/ton, CPT port.

     The range of hryvnia prices in ports decreased slightly – 6300–6450 UAH/ton – mainly due to a slight decrease in foreign exchange prices, as well as the strengthening of the hryvnia.



  • High demand for grain from importers will help keep demand at a high level.


Fodder barley


Market trends

     In the feed barley market there was a slight increase in supply/demand prices. This fact was due to increased demand for grain by export-oriented companies, which increased demand prices in order to attract the required volume of grain. Processing companies, in turn, were forced to maintain competitive prices and raise them.

     Thus, since last week, processing companies have increased demand prices by 100 UAH/ton and voiced them in the range of 4100–5000 UAH/ton, CPT-enterprise, depending on the region and the volume of the purchased party.

     Currency prices in ports, as last week, did not exceed 162 USD/ton.

     Hryvnia prices in ports strengthened by UAH 50/ton. The range of demand prices based on the supply of CPT port is 4900–5150 UAH/ton.



  • Previously formed trends will continue in the market, namely the limited supply of grain and moderate demand for it will support prices. 


  Fodder corn


Market trends    

     Prices for feed corn on the world market continued to decline, which was reflected in the prices of Ukrainian grain.

     Processing companies mostly voiced demand prices, still not exceeding 5400 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery. At the same time, some feed and livestock enterprises, which previously announced the minimum demand prices, reported a slight increase in their average by 50 UAH/ton.

     The level of demand prices in ports remains quite stable – 157–168 USD/ton depending on the port.

     Hryvnia prices in ports decreased slightly (by no more than 50 UAH per ton), which was due to the corresponding trends in the foreign market, as well as the strengthening of the national currency against the dollar. Demand prices in ports today do not exceed 5500–5530 UAH/ton.



  • The persistence of downward trends in the stock market will continue to influence the formation of prices for Ukrainian grain.