Food wheat


Market trends

    From the beginning of the week, the market was dominated by the growth of hryvnia demand prices from processing enterprises. This fact was due primarily to the devaluation of the national currency, which provided significant support to domestic prices. Thus, since the beginning of the week, demand prices for food wheat have increased by an average of UAH 50 per ton. The range of demand prices varies in the range of 5000–5700 UAH/ton, depending on the region. Maximum procurement prices were typical for enterprises that were interested in urgent purchases of large consignments.

    Demand prices in ports were most often increased by trading companies bound by obligations under previously concluded contracts. Officially announced demand prices in ports reached 5600– 5700 UAH/ton.

     Farmers, as a rule, continued to restrain sales against the background of a growing market. At the same time, some of them were ready to sell mainly due to the need to replenish working capital.



  • Hryvnia demand prices will remain unchanged.
  • Currency demand prices will decline.
  •  Sales activity will remain moderate.


Feed wheat


Market trends

    Demand from livestock enterprises, compared to last week, increased, which contributed to rising prices in the western and southern regions by an average of 100 UAH/ton. The range of purchase prices in the regions of Ukraine is 4900–5600 UAH/ton. The hryvnia prices were supported by the fall of the national currency.

    Note that the supply of feed wheat on the market during the current week decreased. Sales of large consignments were still restrained. This fact was due to the expectation of further price increases (further weakening of the hryvnia, stable demand for grain).

    Demand for grain from traders remains stable, while foreign exchange demand prices continue to decline. Hryvnia prices in ports remain relatively stable due to the devaluation of the hryvnia and are voiced up to 5600 UAH/ton CPT.



  • Given the risks associated with the global crisis, foreign exchange demand will continue to decline.
  • Hryvnia prices will remain relatively stable if the hryvnia devaluation persists.


Fodder barley


Market trends

    From the beginning of the week on the market there is a strengthening of prices to the levels of 4500–4700 CPT (processing), due to rising prices by individual buyers. In addition, the exchange rate situation provided support for prices. The main part of livestock enterprises had sufficient stocks of grain and did not force purchases.

    The activity of barley trade in the current week remains low. Small batches were often offered for sale. Proposals of large-capacity parties were practically not received.

    In ports, the activity of trade and procurement activities remained low, with demand prices up to 4850 UAH/t CPT.



  • Demand will remain moderate.
  • Trading activity will remain low due to sales restraint.


Fodder corn 


Market trends

    From the beginning of the week, buyers raised prices for this crop for fear of further increase in supply prices. Sellers, in turn, limited the number of offers of large consignments of grain on the market, especially in anticipation of further price increases. Demand prices based on CPT supply reached 5000 UAH/ton.

    Corn export prices continue to decline gradually under pressure from the world market.



  • Foreign exchange export prices will continue to decline under the influence of global trends.