Food wheat


Market trends        

     As of Tuesday, the food wheat market was dominated by upward price trends. The high demand for grain from importers, which was partly due to the limited supply of Russian wheat, which in turn increased in price, provided support for foreign exchange prices.

     Processing companies in the conditions of insufficient supply of grain of the required quality were forced to raise prices. Thus, on the terms of delivery of CPT-enterprise from Tuesday, customer prices increased by an average of 100–150 UAH/ton and are voiced in the range of 5700–6550 UAH/ton. However, the number of proposals remains limited.

     Currency prices in ports have strengthened by an average of 1–2 USD/ton since Tuesday and are in the range of 202–208 USD/ton CPT port.

     Hryvnia prices in ports have also risen since Tuesday, April 14, by an average of 50 UAH/ton and are currently announced by companies in the range of 6450–6650 UAH/ton CPT port (deep-water).   



  • It is possible to adjust prices downwards, which will be due to downward price trends in stock markets.


Fodder wheat


Market trends           

     Prices for feed wheat continue to strengthen, due to the relevant trends in the food grain market. In addition, demand for feed wheat remains fairly stable, while the number of grain supply remains limited. The devaluation of the national currency supports hryvnia prices. Such circumstances force buyers to raise prices.

     Processing companies have increased demand prices and declare them no higher than 6300 UAH/ton CPT.

     Currency demand prices in ports increased by 1–2 USD/ton and in most cases do not exceed 206 USD/ton CPT port.

     Hryvnia prices in ports are announced in the range of 6200–6450 UAH/ton CPT port, which indicates an increase in the maximum mark by an average of 50–100 UAH/ton.



  • The downward price trends observed in the foreign market will have an impact on the level of foreign exchange prices.


Fodder barley


Market trends

     In the market of feed barley since Tuesday, April 14, there was a slight increase in demand prices, usually due to demand for this grain. At the same time, the number of proposals was assessed by market participants as moderate.

     Processing companies, for the most part, did not review demand prices and voiced them in the previously formed range. The prices of processing enterprises did not exceed 4900 UAH/ton.

     Currency prices in ports increased by 1–2 and amounted to 158–164 USD/ton.

     The growth of hryvnia prices in ports, in addition to the strengthening of foreign exchange, is due to the weakening of the national currency. The range of demand prices on the terms of delivery of the CPT port is 4900–5100 UAH/ton. It should also be noted that some companies have reduced procurement prices, citing the presence of the required grain volumes.                                                                                                                                                                    



  • The market will see a decline in prices, which will be initiated, as a rule, by companies that are already closing their export programs.


 Fodder corn


Market trends    

     The weakening of the national currency supported the hryvnia prices, which since Tuesday, April 14, show a slight decrease.

     Processing companies announced demand prices up to 5400 UAH/ton.

     Currency prices in ports in most cases did not exceed 170 USD/ton. At the same time, within the range, prices increased by an average of 2 USD/ton.

     Buyers in the ports announced demand prices in the range of 5250–5450 UAH/ton CPT port.



  • Global downward trends in prices will affect Ukrainian grain prices accordingly.