Food wheat


Market trends

     In the food wheat market, the trends formed a week earlier remain. Demand for grain from importers remains at a fairly high level, which contributes to higher prices.

     Processing companies, which needed to replenish raw material stocks of appropriate quality, have increased demand prices since last Thursday by an average of 50 UAH/ton. Today, the demand price range of processing enterprises is 5650–6400 UAH/ton CPT enterprise.         

     Currency demand prices under the influence of world market conditions increased by 3–5 USD/ton. Currently, demand prices in deep-water ports are in the range of 200–205 USD/ton.

     High demand for food wheat against the background of a limited number of offers contributed to an increase in prices by export-oriented companies by an average of 50–100 UAH/ton. Thus, by the end of the day, demand prices based on the CPT port supply are announced in the range of 6400–6650 UAH/ton.



  • High demand for Ukrainian grain on the foreign market against the background of limited supply of grain in general and Ukrainian in particular will help strengthen demand prices.


Fodder wheat


Market trends

     The downward trend in prices on the feed wheat market last week changed to the opposite, ie prices began to rise. This fact is due to the fact that a number of buyers due to lack of offers of grain food quality are forced to buy feed wheat.

     Currency demand prices have increased by an average of 5–6 USD/ton since last week and are in the range of 195–201 USD/ton.

     Hryvnia prices have also strengthened under the influence of rising currency prices and are in the range of 6200–6350 UAH per ton.     



  • The development of the price situation will be largely determined by trends in the food wheat market. Given the high demand for grain and low supply of wheat, both food quality and fodder, further price increases are likely.


Fodder barley


Market trends

     In general, the feed barley market remained relatively stable price situation, except in some cases of price adjustments upwards.

     Most processing companies announced demand prices in the previously formed range – 4700–4900 UAH/ton (CPT).

     Hryvnia prices in ports, as a rule, remained in the range of 4900–5050 UAH/ton, CPT port. Currency demand prices increased by 2 USD/ton and did not exceed 161 USD/ton.



  • Previously formed price trends will remain on the feed barley market.


Fodder corn


Market trends

     In the market of fodder corn price tendencies of various orientation were observed.

     Some processing companies reported an increase in minimum demand prices by 50 UAH per ton. Thus, the range of demand prices is 4500–5350 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery to the enterprise.

     Hryvnia prices in ports were voiced in the range of 5200–5450 UAH/ton, with some companies lowering prices and others raising them (by UAH 50/ton), due to procurement needs.

     Currency demand prices in most cases did not exceed 170 USD/ton.



  • High demand for grain from importers will accordingly affect price trends.