Food wheat


Market trends 

     Since last Thursday, there have been no significant price fluctuations in the food wheat market. Processing companies that continue to procure activities report that the bulk of purchases are made at maximum and close prices. It was noted that the seasonal increase in grain supply is not observed. Many processors have stocks of grain and are focused on setting new crop wheat prices. Thus, the price range, as a week earlier, is 5100-6300 UAH/ton, CPT enterprise.

     Currency prices in the ports also did not change significantly and are in the range of 195–202 USD/ton and not more than 6400 UAH/ton, CPT port.

     Concerns about the impact of weather conditions on the 2020 harvest continue to support 2020 harvest prices.



  • It is possible that the prices for the 2019 grain harvest will fall.
  • Trade activity will remain low.


Fodder wheat


Market trends 

     The feed wheat market has a limited number of offers in general and large consignments in particular. This fact helped keep demand prices at the same levels.

     The prices of processing enterprises are in the range of 4650–6150 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery.

     In the ports, the range of currency prices remains without special adjustments from last week – 195–198 USD/ton.

     Hryvnia prices are announced up to 6300 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery.



  • Low trading activity and relatively stable price stability will remain in the market.


Fodder barley


Market trends 

     Trade activity in the market continued to decline, due to the seasonal factor. Procurement activities were continued by a small number of enterprises. At the same time, the ranges of purchase prices in most cases remained unchanged.

     The activity of trade and procurement activities in ports was also assessed as moderate. The companies continued to announce prices at the levels of last Thursday – 160–165 USD/ton and not more than 5350 UAH/ton, CPT port.     



  • The price situation will remain relatively stable. 


 Fodder corn


Market trends 

     The low number of grain supply and high demand for it contributed to the further growth of the minimum levels of purchase prices, which increased to 4750 UAH/ton last Thursday. At the same time, the maximum marks remain relatively stable and do not exceed 5350 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of delivery.

     Currency prices in ports increased slightly, by an average of 1 USD/ton, and the price range ranged from 163 to 174 USD/ton, CPT port.

     Hryvnia prices in ports are announced by companies not exceeding 5500 UAH/ton, CPT port.



  • The fall in prices for the 2019 harvest is not ruled out, given the decline in demand from importers and high competition in the world market.