Food wheat


Market trends        

     Prices for food wheat from Tuesday, April 7, have not changed significantly. The balance of prices is maintained mainly due to high demand for food grade wheat in foreign and, consequently, domestic markets. The number of offers of grain of the required quality remains limited.

     Currency demand prices based on the CPT port supply are in the previously announced range of 195–203 USD/ton. At the same time, it should be noted that some companies reported an increase in prices by an average of 2 USD/ton, with all changes occurring within the voiced range.

     The maximum marks of hryvnia demand prices on the basis of CPT port delivery decreased on Tuesday, April 7, by an average of UAH 100–150/ton and today in most cases do not exceed 6400 UAH/ton.     



  • A limited number of grain offers against the background of stable demand for it will keep prices in a relatively stable state.


Fodder wheat


Market trends               

     In the feed wheat market there was a decrease in prices, which was due to some decline in demand for it.

     Currency demand prices in ports based on CPT port supply decreased slightly – 1–2 USD/ton – and amounted to 190–197 USD/ton.

     Maximum hryvnia prices decreased by an average of 80 UAH/ton and often do not exceed 6250 UAH/ton CPT port.



  • Further reduction of foreign exchange prices in ports will accordingly affect the formation of hryvnia price levels on the basis of CPT port.
  • In addition, the situation on the national currency market will determine the rate of decline in prices.


Fodder barley


Market trends

     In the feed barley market, there was a decrease in demand prices by processing enterprises that had certain stocks of grain and did not consider it appropriate to increase demand prices. From Tuesday, April 7, prices decreased by an average of 50–70 UAH/ton CPT enterprise. Thus, the demand prices of processing enterprises in most cases did not exceed 4700–4850 UAH/ton depending on the region.

     In the ports there was a slight adjustment of prices downwards by an average of 50 UAH/ton. Thus, the price range is in the range of 4900–5000 UAH/ton.

     Currency prices still do not exceed 159 USD/ton.



  • Low demand for grain will affect the formation of demand price levels.


Fodder corn


Market trends    

     In general, the trends observed in the corn market can be described as declining (for hryvnia prices). At the same time, the rate of price decline is not very high.

     However, foreign exchange prices due to the continued demand for grain by individual companies remain relatively stable and are within the price range of Tuesday, April 7, – 160–168 USD/ton.

     On the basis of CPT port delivery, hryvnia prices decreased by 50–70 UAH/ton and are in the range of 5100–5520 UAH/ton.



  • High demand for grain has every chance to affect the rate of increase in demand prices by individual buyers.