Food wheat


Market trends        

     Since last Thursday, April 2, price growth has been expected to slow, and in some cases price growth has stalled.

     It is clearly difficult to characterize the price situation. On the one hand, the demand for Ukrainian grain from importers remained quite high, which provided support for prices. On the other hand, the strengthening of the national currency contributed to the preservation of hryvnia prices by some companies at previously announced levels, there was a decrease in the maximum level of demand prices.

     Processing enterprises increased demand prices in case of an urgent need to replenish raw materials, while demand prices often did not exceed 6500 UAH/ton CPT enterprise.

     Currency demand prices in ports in most cases remained within the previously formed limits, some companies increased them by an average of 2 USD/ton, while demand prices did not exceed 205 USD/ton CPT port.

     Hryvnia demand prices in ports were subject to adjustment. Some companies reported a decrease in demand prices by an average of 100–150 UAH/ton, with reductions occurring in the previously formed range. According to the results of the day, the prices of buyers do not exceed 6300–6400 UAH/ton CPT port.



  • Further strengthening of the national currency will accordingly affect the formation of the price level of processing enterprises and exporters.


Fodder wheat


Market trends           

     Stable demand for feed wheat against the background of a limited number of offers supported prices. At the same time, the strengthening of the hryvnia contributed to the reduction of hryvnia prices by some companies.

     Today, demand prices based on the supply of CPT port are usually in the range of 6000–6100 UAH/ton, depending on the port. Note that by the end of last week, demand prices reached 6400 UAH/ton.

     The range of currency prices in ports is quite wide and depends on a number of factors. The majority of companies that are active in procurement are announcing prices within the previous week – 190–199 USD/ton.



  • It is possible that some reduction in prices, which will be due to lower prices in foreign markets. The strengthening of the national currency will also have a corresponding effect.
  • A limited number of grain offerings may continue to support prices.


Fodder barley


Market trends

     The market price of feed barley remains relatively stable. The number of grain supply remains low, while demand is characterized as moderate.

     The range of demand prices from processing enterprises is observed at prices in the range of 4300–5050 UAH/ton.

     In ports, demand prices do not exceed 5050 UAH/ton. Currency prices in ports have decreased since last Thursday by an average of 2 USD/ton and do not exceed 160 USD/ton.



  • Further strengthening of the hryvnia will affect prices, ie contribute to their reduction.


Fodder corn


Market trends    

     The decline in corn prices in the foreign market continues. Hryvnia and foreign exchange prices for grain in Ukraine have different price trends depending on the urgency of procurement, port and other factors. At the same time, in general, the market shows declining price trends.

     Today, hryvnia prices of buyers in ports, as a rule, do not exceed 5550 UAH/ton, which is on average 50 UAH/ton below the level of the end of last week.

     The maximum level of currency prices in ports decreased by an average of 1 USD/ton. Buyer prices, depending on the port, often do not exceed 170 USD/ton.



  • Maintaining declining trends in the foreign market will affect Ukrainian grain prices.