Food wheat


Market trends        

     In the food wheat market, upward price trends persist, while the growth rate of prices on Tuesday, March 31, decreased slightly. The number of offers of food wheat remains low.

     Thus, the prices of processing enterprises have increased by an average of 50–70 UAH/ton since Tuesday and are in the range of 5600–6300 UAH/ton, taking into account the cost of grain delivery to the enterprise.

     Interest in the procurement of food wheat in ports remains quite high, which contributes to the increase of both currency and hryvnia prices on the terms of delivery of the CPT port. Currency demand prices for grain have increased by 4–6 USD/ton since Tuesday and are in the range of 197–203 USD/ton (deepwater ports).

     Hryvnia prices, due to rising foreign exchange prices and a low number of offers, increased by an average of 50–100 UAH/ton depending on the port and are currently in the range of 6400–6550 UAH/ton.



  • The situation on the foreign market will continue to affect price trends. In the short term, a decline in demand growth rates is not ruled out.


Feed wheat


Market trends

     Compound feeds and livestock enterprises continue to show a stable interest in purchasing grain, which, given the low number of offers, provides additional price support.

     Demand prices of processing enterprises reach 6200 UAH/ton (CPT). The maximum prices are typical, as a rule, for the enterprises of the southern regions: 5500–6200 UAH/ton.

     Demand prices in ports were increased mainly by those companies that had previously declared minimum and close prices. Today, demand prices are announced up to 6400 UAH/ton CPT.

     Export-oriented companies announce demand prices in the range of 190–198 USD/ton.



  • Demand for grain will remain high, while foreign exchange demand prices will continue to rise under the influence of factors such as stable demand against the background of low supply.


Fodder barley 


Market trends

     There has been no significant activity in the feed barley market since Tuesday.

     Some buyers increase demand prices by an average of 50–70 UAH/ton to attract the required consignments of grain. Demand from processing enterprises is observed at prices in the range of 4300–5250 UAH/ton depending on the region and the volume of the party.

     In ports, demand prices do not exceed 5100 UAH/ton. Currency prices in ports remain virtually unchanged – 156–157 USD/ton.



  • The number of grain offers will decrease, while prices have every chance to remain within the current limits, in the event of stabilization of the dollar against the national currency.


Fodder corn 


Market trends    

     The growth rate of feed corn prices decreased slightly, while the demand for grain remains quite high. The Ukrainian corn market has been negatively affected by the fall in prices in Chicago, which was the result of the USDA forecast on Tuesday, April 2, for sown areas for the new harvest in the United States (projected increase in sown areas significantly exceeded market participants’ expectations).

     Currency demand prices in ports increased by an average of 1–2 USD/ton and are in the range of 165–168 USD/ton. Hryvnia prices in ports often do not exceed 5500 UAH/ton.



  • External factors will affect the formation of price levels in ports and the domestic market.