Past years have once again shown that guessing the future is ungrateful. But it’s interesting, so we asked knowledgeable people again, “What’s next?” So, which way will the Ukrainian grain sphere go in the coming years, will the problems with logistics ever disappear, what fate awaits commercial and farming elevators, will they be built, or is the market already saturated, – comments from the COO of G.R. Agro – Rempen Artem read in the material on the resource

High yield and grain quality

Efforts must be made to maintain a consistently high yield. First, land reclamation needs to be developed, and this issue is already being raised at the state level. At G.R. Agro pays attention to climate change as a very important factor influencing yields, and not only in the traditionally arid southern regions.

“In the coming years, climate change could be very significant. This will primarily push the development of the irrigation system in regions where previously it was not even thought of, as well as the revival of the irrigation system in regions where it was historically, “- said the operational director of G.R. Agro Artem Rempen.


Container transportation of grain will also develop in Ukraine, G.R.Agro predicts. According to Chief Operating Officer Artem Rempen, more and more elevators in Ukraine are preparing grain shipment points to be more competitive in the market.

Road transport of grain

Major changes in 2021 have also taken place in automotive logistics: control over compliance with the weight standards of grain trucks has appeared, and the cost of transportation itself has risen. Trucks close the fronts that the railway could not cover. Olena Neroba said that this year there were cases when grain was delivered by road where trucks had never been used before, because it was unprofitable for companies due to tariffs.

In the G.R. Agro predicts the development of automotive logistics, in part due to the active construction and repair of roads.

“In my opinion, there will be a significant leap in automotive logistics, because the cost of railway services will continue to grow. Road transport is more maneuverable: the car does not matter, or route elevator, or it stands on a dead end branch of the railway. It should be borne in mind that the roads are being renovated, and this significantly reduces the time of delivery of goods by road, “- said Chief Operating Officer G.R. Agro Artem Rempen.