A sharp increase in demand from shippers during the “high” season caused a shortage of wagons at the request of the elevators of the “G.R. Agro”.

 The delay in addressing cars to the company’s elevators began in early August 2021.  More than 100 cars were under-delivered by the operators of the car fleet during this period.  The grain elevators do not fulfill the short-term grain shipment plan, which is about 15,000 tons.

 The decision on the part of the company’s management was to switch the transportation of grain from its elevators from railway to its own motor transport with its full load.

“Promptly made decisions allowed us to avoid problems with the fulfillment of our obligations under contracts and potential losses that could result from defaults. At this peak period of transportation by rail, objectively, the volumes declared by us, as shippers, do not provide.  Thus, the presence of our own grain trucks is a life-saving alternative in the current circumstances and allows the company and elevators to carry out timely delivery of goods to customers”, – commented COO Artem Rempen

railway wagons