The first shipments of the barley crop arriving at the elevators of the G.R. Agro, the quality of grain is much worse than last year.

The specialists of G.R. Agro.

The first batch of winter barley arrived at the Ingulets elevator on June 25, 2021. Quality indicators on average by volume were:

  • humidity – 14.5%;
  • trash admixture – 2%;
  • natural weight – 559 g / dm3.

The company’s specialists noted that in the first deliveries of the 2021 harvest, there were darkened grains of about 5% in the total batch, due to prolonged precipitation before the start of the harvest.

Last year, the first batch of winter barley for the G.R. Agro arrived on June 24th. At the same time, the quality indicators of harvesting the first winter barley of the 2020 harvest were as follows:

  • humidity – 12.5%;
  • trash admixture – 2%;
  • natural weight – 625.5 g / dm3.

“The beginning of this season for the supply of barley is distinguished by the presence of low-grade grain. There were cases when a batch entered with an indicator – 523 g / dm3. Last year, barley was a real “gold”. The grain corresponded to the reception of the 2nd class according to GOST. The presence of fine grain by more than 5%”- commented the head of the laboratory of the Prishibsky elevator of the G.R. Agro Lyubov Lipot.

As a reminder, the G.R. Agro has implemented an ERP system, within which CRM / SRM systems are being implemented – customer and supplier relationship management, which works for both purchase and sale.