As of 12.10.2021 of the 2021/2022 season, an increase in the rate of harvesting at the Prishibsky elevator of the G.R. Agro company should be noted.

To date, 85 thousand tons of grain and oil seeds have been harvested. The declared storage capacity at the elevator is 126,480 tons. The turnover of such a large elevator today is 67% of the total storage volume.

This indicator exceeds the results of last season by more than 2 times.

On 12.10.2020, about 40 thousand tons of grain and oil seeds were taken to the elevator.

The increase in the volume of grain received by the elevator this year was facilitated by an increase in the yield of all types of crops in the region, as well as special programs for agricultural producers. Especially the program of “Free storage” for the whole MY and “Agribusiness on Display”, as well as a higher credit of confidence in the new season among farmers following the results of last year’s work with the elevator of G.R. Agro in the new region.