G.R. Agro purchased and installed a grain dryer from KMZ Industries at the Ingulets elevator. Commissioning is planned in May–July 2020 together with the manufacturer’s specialists.

    The selected model BRICE – BAKER SCN – 12/48 – direct-flow, continuous action, modular design. This equipment will dry the grain of all types of crops completely automatically. Grain dryer capacity – 90 t/h.

    The main feature of the equipment is the maximum level of automation by means of moisture meters which are located on an entrance and an exit. The indicators allow the computer to fully control the drying mode depending on the selected culture.

    Automation of the grain dryer provides the optimum and stable mode of drying of grain, full control of process, the alarm system and protection. In addition, remote start of burners from the control panel is provided.

    Also the control panel of the KMZ Industries grain dryer allows to control and regulate:

  • grain moisture;
  • the state of operation of the burners;
  • state of operation of turbofans;
  • grain temperature;
  • the temperature of the drying agent;
  • humid air temperature by zones;
  • condition of work of conveyors of giving and a grain fence;
  • remote control of work of mechanisms of the grain dryer.