The grain harvest in Ukraine in 2021 may reach record volumes – more than 75,000,000 tons due to favorable weather.

In 2021, the State Food and Consumer Service sent 578 notifications to countries-exporters of plant products. This is reported by Refinitiv Agriculture on its Telegram channel.

“We see a record harvest, which will exceed 75,000,000 tons, and together with oil crops it can reach about 100,000,000 tons. The next two weeks will be critical for the volume of the harvest”, said Roman Leshchenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy.

According to Tatiana Adamenko, head of the agrometeorology department of the Ukrhydrometeorological Center, Ukraine can harvest 75.8 million tons of grain this year, up from 65 million tons in 2020.

The crop could include 37.1 million tons of corn, 28.5 million tons of wheat and 8.3 million tons of barley.

In addition, the representative office of the United States Department of Agriculture (USD) in Ukraine said that it expects production of Ukrainian wheat in 2021 at the level of 29.5 million tons and exports in the amount of 20.5 million tons in 2021/22 (July-June).

Total corn production is expected to be 37.3 million tonnes in 2021 and exports to 30.5 million tonnes, possibly higher depending on market conditions.

It should be added that last year Ukraine harvested 24.9 million tons of wheat and 30.3 million tons of corn. As of June 25, the country exported 16.4 million tons of wheat and 22.6 million tons of corn.

Recall that the elevators G.R. Agro has already received 15 thousand tons of winter barley.