According to the latest data, as of 20.09.2021, a total of 20,000 tons of sunflower and 5,000 tons of corn of the 2021/2022 harvest were taken to the elevators of the G.R. Agro company. The Ingulets and Prishibsky elevators of the chain are the leaders in receiving late grains and oil seeds.

The assessment of the quality of the accepted batches is as follows:

Average sunflower quality indicators:

  • humidity – 6-18%,
  • weed admixture – 3-24%
  • the mass fraction of oil – 43-52 %

There is a low oil content-37-48% at the beginning of harvesting this season. In some batches, the humidity reached 21%. There is a very large gap in the same regions.

Average corn quality indicators:

  • humidity – 15-28%,
  • weed admixture – 2-4.2%
  • grain admixture – 7-10%

The basic indicators for corn practically do not differ from last year’s ones. There was a slight excess in litter (3.58%) in the same period of 2020. Last year, as of September 21, 2020. 35,000 sunflowers and 15,000 corn were harvested at the company’s elevators. This season, the start of the harvesting campaign for late grains and oilseeds was shifted by 2 weeks due to weather conditions in the regions.

The expected precipitation in the third decade of September may suspend harvesting companies of the remaining areas of sunflower and corn in the regions, thereby increasing the shortage of sunflower in the market.