The first part of the agreement was the purchase of 5 grain trucks consisting of Ford 1848T tractors and Bodex semi-trailers with a capacity of 55 cubic meters. The total cost of vehicles is 545 thousand euros.

    Within the framework of this project 380 thousand euros were financed by «Piraeus Bank».

    The implementation of this project allowed G.R. Agro to increase the fleet of motor vehicles for grain transportation to 55 units.

    The second part of the agreement is a credit line designed to meet the needs of the business of G.R. Agro. A long-term revolving credit line will allow maintaining the liquidity of the business during the period of the greatest financial burdens. The need for this agreement is due to the high rate of purchase and acceptance of grain in the elevators of G.R. Agro, which in peak days totaled 15 thousand tons per day.

    We are grateful to our partners «Piraeus Bank» and hope for many years of fruitful cooperation!