G.R. Agro is rapidly gaining momentum in grain harvesting at elevators in the season 2021/2022.

As of July 12, more than 25,000 thousand tons of early grain were accepted for the company’s elevators. Despite the weather conditions, G.R. Agro does not slow down the harvesting program for the season.

The leading position among the enterprises of the company is occupied by the Ingulets elevator. About 65% of the total volume of harvested lots (more than 16,000 thousand tons) have been taken to this elevator since the beginning of the season. The main acceptance crop is winter barley.

In order not to reduce the growth rate of grain acceptance and to minimize the downtime of customers’ vehicles on the territory, a round-the-clock service schedule has been established at the elevators.

It should be noted that the high efficiency of elevators depends not only on the quality characteristics, but also on the excellent coordinated work of all highly qualified workers at the elevators.

The “Free storage” program for agricultural producers adds value to the company’s enterprises among the granaries in the regions.