Elevator operators are preparing for the acceptance and drying of late grain and are trying to determine the prices for grain drying services. Today, gas prices at elevators in different regions of Ukraine, according to market participants, are very different — from 19-20 thousand per thousand cubic meters to 28 thousand UAH.

“Since September 1, the price of gas at our elevators in different regions of the Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions is 22 300 – 23 100 UAH per thousand cubic meters. For example, in Varvarovka and Razdory — 22700 UAH, at the “Prishibsky elevator” 22 300 UAH, at the “Inguletsky” — 22 900. And on “Volnogorsky” — 23 100 UAH”

“In addition to the increase in the cost of gas, we must not forget about the increase in the cost of electricity. Thus, the tariffs established in August are no longer relevant, since they are lower than the cost price”

All market participants agree that with such a cost of fuel, prices for drying services will increase.