Since the beginning of the lesson campaign for the season 2021/22, the renewed fleet of G.R. Agro transported 65 thousand tons of grain from the fields to warehouses and elevators, and by rail – more than 45 thousand tons of grain to the ports of Ukraine.

 Despite the postponed start of the harvesting company in the regions of Ukraine, the rate of transportation of agricultural products this year breaks all records.  More than 3000 tons of grain are transported per day.

 By analogy with last year, for the first month of the 2020/2021 season, the traffic volumes were no more than 30 thousand tons.

 Such a volume of traffic this year is due to the record yield of early grain crops in the southern and central regions of Ukraine, as well as the presence of an extensive infrastructure of the logistics company for the uninterrupted and prompt delivery of transport at the request of customers to different regions of the country.

 “The increase and renewal of our own vehicle fleet from the beginning of 2021 gave our customers the opportunity to choose, because there are various types of grain trucks, both couplers and tractors with semi-trailers, dump trucks, for any needs of our customers.”

Logistic park G.R. Agro