Since the beginning of the 2021/2022 season, the logistics company G. R. Agro has transported about 70 thousand tons of early grain crops to the ports of Ukraine as of 11.08.2021. Of these, 50 thousand tons were transported by railway transport, 19 thousand tons by motor transport.

In the same period (July-August 2020), grain was transported to the ports of the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions – 32,000 tons. The share of transportation was: 4,400 tons – by rail, 27,590 tons-by road.

Thus, in the new season, the volume of grain transportation by the company’s transport to the terminals of Ukrainian ports increased by a total of 2 times, and by railway cars-an increase of 11.4 times(!) compared to the same period in 2020.

Moving by rail is a combination of good speed with economic benefits, and also eliminates the fact of transport downtime when unloading goods at port terminals.

As a reminder, the volume of cargo transportation of the company by the end of 2020/2021 MY by rail and road transport to the ports of Ukraine amounted to 110 thousand tons of grain and oil crops.

Among the company’s tasks is to combine the capabilities of each type of transportation as functionally as possible to optimize the logistics process and reduce the cost of transportation and loading and unloading operations.