On March 12, 2020, work began on the reconstruction of the unloader truck № 3 at the Ingulets elevator.

    Reconstruction of the unloading unit of road transport № 3 involves the replacement of the existing truck with a capacity of 25 tons and a platform length of 12 m with a new UAR-G with a capacity of 60 tons and a platform length of 16.5 m and increase the volume of the backfill pit from 30 cubic meters to 50 cubic meters.

    All equipment is made by LLC ElevatorPromService in the city of Nikolaev and is already delivered to the territory of the elevator. This reconstruction will radically change the multicultural nature of the elevator and will allow the simultaneous acceptance of three crops on independent lines of warehouses. Receiving capacity will increase to 3,000 tons of grain per day. All grain receiving lines, including line № 3, are equipped with their own grain cleaning units, which allows to receive and clean each crop separately and reduces the waiting time for vehicles in the queue during an active harvesting campaign.