The logistics division of the G.R. Agro Group of companies has expanded its grain truck fleet by another 10 units.
During the last 2 months, the company has purchased an additional 10 tractors Renault T series, and 10 dump semi-trailers with a volume of 50 m3 from the company ZASŁAW. The financial partner was MTB Bank, which provided financing for the project under two programs. Part of the project was financed by direct credit funds of the bank, and the second part was financed by a specialized joint program of MTB Bank and European Investment Bank. The total budget of the project amounted to more than 700 thousand Euro.

Today, the fleet of the G.R. Agro group of companies has 70 grain carriers of various configurations.

To ensure the smooth operation of vehicles, the group of companies G.R. Agro operates its own service station, two gas stations, five points of sedimentation of vehicles.

Recall that in February 2021, the company also purchased 5 new grain transportation vehicles.

“Having our own fleet guarantees our customers the safety and reliability of grain transportation, and also gives high mobility when purchasing on FCA terms”.



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