During the preparation of the technical base of the elevator network at the Volnogorsk and Ingulets elevators of the G.R. Agro installed railroad scales for weighing wagons at shipping points.
Since the beginning of the new season, railroad carriages of depositor’s grain have started to the ports of Ukraine. To date, more than 45 thousand tons of grain have been shipped and transported by rail cars in the direction of the Odessa and Nikolaev ports. At the end of the month, the main advantages of this solution for elevator customers became obvious.


  • no return of wagons due to overload or under load from stations to elevators.
  • Installation of scales directly under the shipping bins makes it possible to immediately fix the weight.
  • Integration of the scales’ software into the “Agribusiness on Display” program makes it possible to monitor weighing data for customer-customers online, as well as generate a history for each customer.
  • Clarity and timeliness of planning the supply of wagons, the formation of a schedule of loading operations on the routes.
  • Increasing the speed and quality of loading routes by elevators due to the absence of unnecessary maneuvers across the territory.