G.R. Agro has introduced a grace period for storing grain and oilseeds at its elevators since July 1, 2021.
Since the beginning of the season, more than 100 enterprises of the Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions have become participants of the program”Free storage for agricultural producers”.
The consignments of packers with a volume of 6 tons to 5000 tons of early grain and peas were harvested at the elevators.
To support agricultural producers, the grain storage fee will not be charged during the entire MY 2021/2022.
The free storage system provides:
⦁ Acceptance and storage of goods at G. R. Agro elevators.
⦁ No additional payments under the terms of storage of the goods.
⦁ The possibility of selling goods from the warehouse of the depositors of any company accredited at the G. R. Agro elevators.

Also, all customers-depositors are connected to the program” Agribusiness on Display ” – an online notification system for depositors, as announced earlier.

| Taking into account the difficult economic situation in Ukraine in general and in the agro-industrial sector, in particular, we, as one of the leading companies in the grain storage market, decided to support agricultural producers and introduced a program of preferential storage at our elevators. We hope that this will be a significant support for farmers, help them save money and better prepare for the next sowing season.