For the proper smooth operation of the network of elevators of the company “G.R. Agro” a number of events are planned in the coming season, directly forming the “technical base” of the company’s enterprises. Namely, getting rid of grain in full, fumigation, mandatory revision and repair of transport elements, if necessary – technical re-equipment or reconstruction of savings capacities. At the same time, an action plan was drawn up, including an analysis of the units recommended for maintenance and repair.

In preparation for the season, special attention was paid to the following technical points:

  • operating time of equipment, which has a direct effect on all “vital” units and assemblies, in this area it is important to correctly assess the condition of the bearing assemblies for the presence of backlash, the quality of lubricants, the integrity of the housing, it is necessary to check the bearing seats, its temperature indicators and the quality of rotation, the condition hinge parts, traction systems, it is also mandatory to revise the existing buckets of the bucket elevator, study scraper (chain) conveyors to identify the condition of the scrapers specifically on the chain and body parts – for abrasions, electronically check the wear of the gravitational system with a thickness gauge
  • quality control of the technological process, which includes – the level and degree of technical re-equipment, re-equipment, one or another degree of repair.