Since the beginning of the 2020/2021 season, grain transportation by the G.R. Agro amounted to over 350,000 tons.
This year, the work of the division was carried out throughout the season without downtime and breaks, and there was also no so-called “off-season” period.

Today, the company’s vehicle fleet includes 60 grain carriers of various layouts, its own service station, 2 filling stations, and 5 transport stands. The expansion plans include the purchase of additional 10 units of grain vehicles by the end of 2021.

Further growth and development of G.R. Agro includes the integration of the enterprise into the ERP system 2021/2022 as an independent business unit.

“Having chosen a strategy of dynamic development while maintaining the high quality of the services provided and the favorable cost for our clients, we are constantly updating our fleet, improving the company’s logistics services. The presence of our own vehicle fleet gives our customers a guarantee of the safety and reliability of cargo transportation and provides high mobility when purchasing on FCA terms”