Ukrainian farmers have started harvesting corn-25.82 thousand tons of grain were harvested from an area of 4.31 thousand hectares (5.47 million hectares according to the forecast) with a yield of 5.99 tons / ha.

On 13.09.2021, the grain of the main harvesting company of the 2021/2022 season was accepted at the Varvarovsky elevator.

Earlier, the first batches of corn in 2021 were taken to the Volnogorsk elevator.

Let’s compare the quality of both batches in the period:
Corn quality indicators (Volnogorsk):

  • humidity-19.7-21%,
  • weed admixture —3.9-5.8%
  • grain admixture-up to 3%

Indicators of the quality of corn. (Varvarovka):

  • humidity-14%,
  • weed admixture -2.8%
  • grain admixture -2%

As a result of the analysis of the first harvested batches, we see that the level of humidity indicators has decreased, and there is also a slight excess in litter.

The elevators of the G.R. Agro company accept grain, leguminous and oil seed crops for storage and part-time work.

This season, a program of “Free storage” for the entire MY is provided for agricultural producers.