Every day our team analyzes the market and the state of infrastructure, searches for ideas for modernization and improvement of enterprises that are part of G.R. Agro. In February, we began active modernization of the Vilnohirsk Elevator and are ready to share with you our first achievements.

    A new unloading point for grain trucks with a platform length of 21 m with a maximum load of 80 tons – model U-ARG-2110, production «ElevatorPromService» – is combined with a backfill pit with a volume of 85 cubic meters and transport equipment at a speed of 175 t/h.

    The new truck unloader will allow unloading of any type of transport without uncoupling, and will also help to achieve the speed of grain reception by the elevator up to 3000 tons per day at three independent grain reception points.

    During the reconstruction of the unloader the safety system was also improved:

  • the hydraulic cylinder with the valve working on a break prevents falling of a platform in case of sharp decrease in pressure in system;
  • chains and fasteners to prevent the machine from tipping over and slipping during unloading;
  • limiting boards – an additional safety element.